SD Co., Ltd. is one of the leading wooden toy manufacturers in Vietnam according to CE and ISO 9001: 2015. With the conversion from traditional power to solar power for the factory, it becomes a step to promote to carry out the mission "For the green environment".

Photo: SD Wooden Toys factory operated by solar power.

1.Current status of global CO2 emissions

According to IEA Fatih Birol, it is estimated that CO2 emissions in 2021 will increase by nearly 5% to 33 billion tons, in contrast to the decrease in 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic.

[Infographics] Luong khi thai CO2 nam 2021 uoc tinh len toi 33 ty tan hinh anh 1

Photo: IEA estimates CO2 emissions in 2021.

Over 30 years of operation, SD Co., Ltd. has always put responsibility to the environment and community first. Take careful steps to keep CO2 emissions minimum. So SD has set up a solar power plant. Building and striving for the goal of becoming a company producing quality products for the environment is always SD's long-term strategy.

2. "Green start" with solar power for SD factory

Established in 1989 in My Tho City, SD Co., Ltd. is proud to be one of the pioneers in applying solar power to production. With sustainable growth and development, we are constantly aiming for the goal of "Reducing CO2".

Early April 2020, the system of 880 solar panels conducted construction and installation of the roof at SD production factory. With a total installation area of 3500m2, divided into 5 main areas.

This increases the ability to absorb sunlight and generate DC power. This DC power is pushed directly to the inverter to the grid and converted into alternating current. Then automatically connect to the grid equipment to provide electricity for the whole factory.

Photo: Set up solar power for SD factory

Especially we always prioritize using up to 85% of electricity from solar power in the production process. With a peak capacity of about 347.6 KW, the company can save maximum costs every month. As a result, the amount of CO2 decreased compared to 2020. It is a "green" transition that brings outstanding efficiency to SD's business activities.


Photo: SD officially put the solar power system into operation.

November 12nd, 2020, SD officially operated the factory using solar power. Only when the solar power source for the factory lacks the system will the grid power be used to supply the consumed loads. Contributing to bring superior solutions to serve customers.

3. Standards achieved by SD Co., Ltd

SD Co., Ltd always puts responsibility to the environment and community on the top, from the stage of production to distribution of products to consumer, which is checked and evaluated through quality criteria.

In 2015, SD wooden toy products obtained CE certification mark. Complying with European standards for quality to meet the European and American markets.

In 2012, the requirements for the quality management system of SD Co., Ltd. met ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards

In 2013, the industrial wastewater system of SD factory reached grade A standard, meeting the technical regulations of Vietnam (QCVN).

4. Summarizing

SD has not stopped making efforts for the motto "Wooden toys for the next generation". With the achievements and prestigious certifications of conformity, it has created a step forward for SD to constantly develop. And the factory operated by solar power is a solid affirmation that proves the criteria of “Sustainable Development” and “Caring for environment” from us.










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