The FSC® certification at SD Co., Ltd is considered the “gold standard” for timber harvested from plantations, which is beneficial to society, environmentally conscious and economically efficient. That means the wood materials used in our production have met the requirements of the Global Forest Stewardship Council®.

1 What is FSC Certification

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. This is a non-governmental organization established in 1993 in Canada, operating independently and no benefit.

FSC® Certification is a voluntary standard to support globally responsible forest management. That ensures that the products made from FSC® wood are products that are used with materials harvested from planted forests, clear origins. Do not cause harm to the environment.

With over 850 members through 50 countries. FSC® includes non-governmental organizations, scientific research centers, international certificate management organizations, community development centers, businesses, etc. The World Forest Stewardship Council® is a prestigious organization and influence in the protection of forests on a global scale.

2 Current trend of using FSC® wood

Today, the criteria for choosing products around the world, especially in the European and American markets, they only use the product when they are sure that it is not created from deforestation. Therefore, in order to maintain the export market, businesses need to have a clear source of wood materials, even achieving FSC® certification to create a competitive advantage.

Besides, sustainable development is becoming a modern trend. FSC® furniture has brought Vietnam's furniture industry to a strong growth, established a position in the market and is increasingly recognized by the world, especially the European and American markets.

3 Distinguish the types of FSC® certificate labels

While the FSC® Wood Certification for business creates a complex process and supply chain, there are standards to help understand what the labels on most products mean:

• 100% FSC®: products made from 100% planted forest materials. Text on the label “From well – managed forest”.

• FSC® composite: This product is made of material from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources. Text on the label “Supporting Responsible Forestry”.

• FSC® recycled: the wood or paper in the product is 100% sourced from FSC® certified recycled materials. Text on the label “Made from recycled material”.

4 Why use FSC® certified products?

Environmental benefits: does not arbitrarily harvest illegal wood, helps protect the environment as well as ecosystems in nature in a special way, not only wood resources but also air and water resources.

Social benefits: Forests are considered an important ecological resource. Using FSC® wood ensures that forests are not harvest illegally, your business is responsibility for the life of the community.

Economic benefits: When a product labeled FSC® has a higher economic value than a normal product of the same type. Increase the value of FSC® recognized items and products.

Benefits of brand: The source of input materials when being certified by FSC® will help raise the brand value. Completing communication activities about “Products made from FSC® wood using the FSC® label and FSC® certification mark”.

FSC® Certification at SD Wooden Toys

In Vietnam, SD Wooden Toys is one of the pioneers in using FSC® wood materials in the production of wooden toys, decorations, furniture and gifts, etc.

In addition to wood materials from natural forests (non-FSC®) which are extremely popular and clear origin, such as Conch wood, Pine wood, Sapele wood, Rubber wood, SD also promotes production activities with many types of wood. FSC® timber includes: FSC® Oak, FSC® Ash, FSC®, Mapple, FSC® Beech and FSC® Thermo Ash, etc. All of them ensure the leading standards of safety and legal forest exploitation.

Photo: Wood used for production at SD Wooden Toys

Up to now, despite many difficulties in facing the 4th wave of COVID-19, we have been constantly innovating in production methods, diversifying product designs and sources of materials alternative to increase choice for domestic and international customers.

We still give priority to using FSC® wood to meet the "Safety for the environment" criterion and be qualified to export to many markets such as Japan, Korea, Denmark and other European countries. Other Europe,… SD's FSC® license code is FSC®-144580.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone 0273.3854.480 or Email vp04@sdwoodentoy.com for advice and order support as soon as possible.




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